The Ghosts of the Swanson Twins
Reverend Mother of the Holy Jihad expelling the precious soul smoke through the silver birch.
Psycho Wizard's other Psycho Apprentice Mastering the Fire Bubbles Conjuration
Psycho Wizard's First Psycho Apprentice Practicing Blue Flame Transmutations.
An Executioner's work is never done
On the Fifty-Seventh day of the Sixth Month of the Twelfth year, Maggie witnessed the fall of the ancient imperial structures and knew a new age was about to dawn.
Tabitha's Tentacular Tortion
anya the Tentacled Girl summoning her pet golden fat bird
As the sun set, Rose knew that if she didn't find higher ground the serpent would come without warning..
Autumn Day Dreaming
Bluebells Rang
Pass the Chopsticks
Icarus, Isolated on an Intergalactic Island of Ice, Imparted Intelligent Ideas Into the Intellect of an Imperial Insect
The Rare Gastonian Horned Owl eating a spotted newt
Blue Namahage
Gimme the eggs of the kid gets it!
The Morrigan
Cathartidae Puella
Tamara’s treacherous trip to school caused her to carry protection
Vulpes Vulpes
While waiting for the bus Jackie’s pygmy gorilla skull began to smoke
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